Bid Index — Tip Of The Hats 2019
Total: $101,153.00 — Choice Total: $8,917.87 — Challenge Total: $92,235.13

Name Run Description Amount Goal
6v6 NA vs EU Ping Advantage DAY 1 | 6v6 NA vs EU Vote to decide who will receive the advantage in the NA vs EU 6s showmatch! $6,737.37 (None)
Torbjorn Golf Workshop Mode DAY 1 | Overwatch Our players will play as Torbjorn whose only desire is to putt himself into the hole. $5,059.16 $5,000.00
Just Dance DLC DAY 1 | UNO Our UNO players will be thrown into the "hip" and "cool" world of Just Dance. It's really wild. (We'll be using the Just Dance DLC pack for UNO.) $3,049.99 $3,000.00
Tagg Eats a Bean DAY 1 | UNO DO IT. $575.00 $500.00
UNO Losers get Bean Boozled DAY 1 | UNO Our UNO players will have the stakes raised. The loser will have to try from an assortment of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans. Potential Bean Flavors: Dirty Dishwasher Birthday Cake Stink Bug Toasted Marshmallow Stinky Socks Tutti-Fruitti Spoiled Milk Coconut Toothpaste Berry Blue Rotten Egg Buttered Popcorn Canned Dog Food Chocolate Pudding Barf Peach Booger Juicy Pear Dead Fish Strawberry Banana Smoothie $5,088.51 $5,000.00
Rhythm Game Mode DAY 1 | Super Mario Party Our Super Mario Party players will play a round of Rhythm Game Mode. $5,412.09 $5,000.00
Super Mario Party Character Selection DAY 1 | Super Mario Party Chose which player characters our Super Mario Party players will play as for the entire segment. $1,920.00 (None)
3-Legged Mario DAY 2 | Super Mario Maker 2 1 character controlled by 2 players each with 1 Joy-con. The poor character will struggle through endless mode while being pulled in two directions. $3,050.36 $3,000.00
Super Mario Maker 2 Character Selection DAY 2 | Super Mario Maker 2 Donate to choose which character(s) our players will play as during the Mario Maker 2 segment. The top character receiving donations will be played during Kaizo level attempts. $260.50 (None)
Bren & Sideshow Mercy & Ashe Cosplay DAY 2 | Overwatch Bren & Sideshow have been working hard on these costumes. Donate to see them hit the runway modelling their finished product. $2,500.12 $2,500.00
Jake & Custa Sabotages DAY 2 | Overwatch The couch challenges Jake and Custa with specific instructions or hurdles in addition to the usual Overwatch Ranked experience. $5,123.28 $5,000.00
Minecraft Creeper Cosplay DAY 2 | Minecraft Watch out for the Creeper on set. $2,000.87 $2,000.00
Minecraft Steve Cosplay DAY 2 | Minecraft Hey Steve. Welcome to the stream! $1,087.50 $1,000.00
Uncle Dane Quake FOV DAY 2 | Minecraft Quake FOV enforced for Uncle Dane. The poor guy has it rough already. Quake FOV adds an extremely high field of view for the player. $5,025.85 $5,000.00
Scouts Only DAY 2 | TF2 Pubs w/ the Scout Voice Actor TF2 class selection will be locked to scout only during the Scout Voice Actor's appearance in our event. $9,930.14 $5,000.00
Dane Pub: All Engineer DAY 3 | TF2 Pubs The entire pub server will be locked to engineer for the duration of Dane's appearance. $5,163.80 $5,000.00
Uncle Dane Engineer Cosplay DAY 3 | TF2 Pubs Uncle Dane will attempt to find his way into the pub and into our hearts. How he dresses on this day is up to you, the donor. $5,125.00 $5,000.00
Codename Descriptions DAY 3 | Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes During Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, our players will have to address certain objects and colors by alternate "codenames." Codename List: RED: TOMATO YELLOW: BANANA BLACK: DARK BLACK WHITE: LIGHT WHITE WIRE: SPAGHETTI $905.68 $3,000.00
Keep Talking - Speech Jammer DELUXE DAY 3 | Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes During Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, our audio engineers will "challenge" our guests with a speech jammer including delayed feedback and other limitations. $5,475.00 $5,000.00
Beanboozled 2: The Beanboozling DAY 3 | Overwatch Jake & Custa once again must obey or face the beans. $1,060.87 $1,000.00
Jake & Custa 3-Legged Gamer DAY 3 | Overwatch Jake and Custa our OWL "Pro gamers" will team up to control 1 player with 1 arm each. Who gets the mouse? Who gets the keyboard? $3,080.22 $3,000.00
Momentum Mod Jumping DAY 3 | TF2 Jump Top level GAMERS show their skills in the very freshly added jump gamemode in the standalone Source Movement game Momentum Mod $3,094.33 $3,000.00
TF2 Jumper Olympics DAY 3 | TF2 Jump Teams of jumpers competing against each other on various Olympic-style mini-games designed for jumping. Team captains will be able to pick and ban jumpers for the various mini-game, allowing for very deep and intense strategy on who to ban and pick to give their team the best chance at winning. Which captain will gain the upper hand and win the gold medal! $10,010.68 $10,000.00
Desperado Lange Interviewer DAY 3 | Wrap-Up Hey pardner, how do you feel about Tip of the Hats 2019? Y'all havin a good time? $10,416.68 $10,000.00

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